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The Fish and Wildlife Society is the student chapter of both The Wildlife Society and the American Fisheries Society here at Ohio State. 


President- Jack Rabe-


Wildlife Vp- Austin Roby



Fisheries VP- Jake Marina-


Secretary- Monica Sheakley-


Treasurer- Brieana Shook-


Society Representative- Jack Rabe-


Wildlife Advisor- Dr. Robert Gates


Fisheries Advisor- Dr. Mazeika Sullivan


We are always looking for new members. Contact us now for meeting information by going to the contact page.

Welcome to the Fish and Wildlife Society at The Ohio State University! We strive to help our members gain the tools that will help them prevail in the fields of fish and wildlife management. The Fish and Wildlife Society is a great way to meet other students within the School of Environment and Natural Resources, as well as professionals from around the state. 

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